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Indian Education System

Today i tell you about position of indian education system "if you tell me I may forget,

If you show me I may Remember,

If you involve me I will understand and apply”

Is it where our Education System lacks. Is is where our Education System needs implementation.

•Degree ... is everything to the teachers, parents, and companies (most of).

•Sports and other co-curricular activities are not considered even as a subject. Merely one or two games period a week.

•Students are Judged by their marks not by their talent.

•Teachers used to give attention only to toppers (mostly).

•The bookish learning is unable to catch students attention and attraction than visual learning.

•Education system is unable to provide Good Jobs.

•Underpaid teachers aren't dedicated to their Job as a teacher/professor.

• Outdated Syllabus

•Lack of Practical knowledge and Implementation.

•Lack of Infrastructure for Science Education.

The biggest problem in this scenario is our curriculum does not include skills currently needed in the Job Market. The Information Technology is one of the biggest source of income in India ( 7.6% of countries income come from IT sector ) but all our school curriculum is not Synced with IT sector needs. We are still running our C++ programs in Turbo C plus plus compiler which was created back in 1980s. We are giving our students only one or two case studies in a year, where 38 to 52% purchases that case studies and projects from Old Delhi like markets or they copy it from some websites or YouTube.

•Degree based Education

Our system primarily emphasizes on degree based education where students are running for School and College degrees. Their only aim in the schools and colleges is to obtain good marks and to get good Jobs. Our System is creating Job Seekers not the ones who can give Jobs to others. India is obsessed with producing engineers where more than 90% of them are eithem unemployable or underpaid.

•Underpaid Professors & Teachers

In India talented engineers don't want to pursue as professors but those one who don't get a job elsewhere end up as a professor or a teacher ( Most of them).

Even if they know the reality of our education system yet they don't tell it to the students as their job and management only demands good marks and degree from their students.

Thus the value of quality learning fails to achieve its Goals.

•Lack of Interactive Study

We can see from the pie chart that all the three Universities does not include more than 20% of Learning from Lectures.

But in India, more than 80% Education is lecture based, only 5% -10% are project based and 5–10% Case Study Based.

So yes, here is the reason why most of the engineers are frustrated in India because they aren't enjoying the curriculum. They studies under the boundation of the Education System, they study for Marks.

Where Teachers are less interactive with students, where classroom education is too boring. That's why the students taking 10 CGPA in 10th gets failed in 11th and 12th in classroom.

Where teacher does not involve students and different aspects of case studies. This is the irony of our education system where “survival of the fittest” applies with a condition “degradation of the rest.”

•Language Barrier- English: an Acquired Language

Imagine living in a nation where you are a member of the majority, but are unable to read the label of the medicine you must give your child, unable to read the menu of local restaurant or even the warning signs of the roads and places, where you are unable to comprehend the government document officiating your drivers license, tax filing or marriage. It is the world that hundred of millions of Indians live in simply because Elite prefer English.

Where on paper only 10% can speak English which in reality is only 2 to 5% can speak English fluently and then we have a education system designed back in 1940s by Thomas Babington Macaulay, who decided to choose English as the medium of education in India

•Biggest Human Resources Tragedy: Indian Schools

Our school no matter how you look at it is easily the biggest human resource strategy in the world I can assure you. But the biggest tragedy lies in its design, right now if you look at it how did our schools come into being? No, our schools are actually more than 400 years old, so the Empire 400 years ago basically needed 3 kinds of people, they needed Clerks to manage their territories, they needed military guys to protect their territories and needed factory workers because Industrial Revolution had started and what are the kind of skill set that these factory workers and all these people requires, “listen to instructions” and “no creativity”, these are the required skills.

So it is actually no coincidence that or school are modelled on factory like scenario. Exactly how effective a factory is modelled , right.

So ultimately we are creating job seekers not the ones who give jobs. To the grouping of kids in Schools, it is based on age and not by their Learning ability test. The point of test is not to access your kids strengths and weakness but to actually certified them as “Okay” or “Fail” just like factories. If you can't fix the system if you can't fix the schools then these kids are going to look the same boring, dull and uninspiring right now they are looking.

Unless we change it, we become engineer first and then decide what to do with our life and with all the chaos, tragedy, suicide, death and blood, the life of Indian engineers will continue to remain as the world's most interesting Educational story.

The students who are studying in private school does a science project on hydroelectric power pant, wind mills, test coil etc…

The students who are studying in government school doesn't know the basics definitions of science…

Free education for all…

But only money fetches you knowledge…

Score more marks in 10th only then you will achive in life.
Score more marks in 12 only then you can settle in life.
Score first class in undergraduate only then u get job.
So only marks will fetch you good life.

PT period is dedicated to Maths teachers or science teachers.

OH!, yes we have won we have won more noble prize than Olympic medals.

After independence Indians have not won any noble prize in physics and chemistry.

Teachers ask us to play for 2 hours daily and give a big load of assignments.

First we teach the basic working principles of science and then tell examples of it.

Waaw, we build curiosity to kids.

If we start with the end product, students start thinking how it works thus extracting out the creativity of students.

We tell students to learn. But we never thought students “How to learn?”

If we do anything out the box in school we are named as useless fellow.

Where as if we do what teachers tell we are brilliant student.

Important subjects

Level 1: Maths and science

Level 2: social science

Level 3: languages

(Next level is not even considered as subjects)

Level 4: Sports and culturals

is education is given for free but still we want to give a hell lot of money.
Lets take the example of the prestigious institute of India. Yes, the IITs.

The IITs that supposedly churns out the best of engineers have an acceptance rate of 2%.

On the other hand, Harvard has an acceptance rate of 5%.

So, IITs are should be ahead of Harvard, right?

Well we all know the answer to that. While Harvard ranks among the top 5 universities in the world, IITs hardly make it to the top 200.

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